Day 2 of Lent

Y'all I completely forgot I had guest coming over today. How horrible is that? To make matters worse they don't eat meat! I'm such a horrible hostess. I'm sure I'll be laughing at this over the weekend, but seriously how do you forget you have guest coming over?

Thankfully I remembered about two hours before they were scheduled to arrive. I had time to clean out the fridge and do the floors. Granted I clean the floors daily....we have dogs need I say more? I've been keeping up on the bathrooms and dishes. One of the perks of being jobless I guess. Thankfully I didn't have to go buy any meat for dinner. My husband of course didn't want the cheese quesadillas I made since they didn't have chicken in it so I whipped him up some that had ground turkey. This guest is the same person that brought up Lent and made me go on this new journey. I say journey though there's people who do this yearly as part of their religion. I'm a Christian myself, but…

Day 1 of Lent

I'm going to be completely honest with you guys I had no clue what Lent was. I mean I heard about it growing up, but never really cared. I never knew when it started, or what to do. Until I had a darling friend of mine just nonchalantly comment "So what are you giving up for Lent?" My first response was sex...Jokingly. It was only until after I went home and really got to think about it and researched. Lent is a season of reflection and preparation before Easter. I'm not going to give you the whole lesson on it. We're all grown adults and have access to Google.

I can't tell you how long I sat on my couch trying to figure out what to give up for Lent. I mean there's all the obvious thing; sex, smoking, drinking, and I don't list these to be sarcastic. I really wanted to give this a go and maybe incorporate as a tradition for our family every year. So I decided to put my big girl pants on and cease spending money for Lent this year. Okay Okay Okay I mea…

Mama Bear Mode

Whew it's been another crazy week. I had some very upsetting news over the weekend that threw my family for a whirlwind and put us in a tight financial situation. I've actually been working for this start up company for a few weeks now. Last week the actual owner decided to go on a drinking binge for 5 days leaving the VP and me cleaning up the mess. Making sure contractors were paid for jobs and trying to keep the company afloat. I got a call from the VP Saturday letting me know that she tried to log into the company bank account and noticed it's been closed down. Turns out the owner who we checked in on Monday because we couldn't get in contact with was passed out drunk and unresponsive on a blowup mattress in our new office we haven't moved into yet, closed out all the banking accounts and hauled tail. I'm not bitter about this...correction I'm not bitter I'm madder than a puffed toad. I contacted him right after I was informed and let him know that …

Mama's little Vader

The flu has made it rounds in our home....I'm at its mercy. So far I've lost my voice and my body is completely drained and i'm pretty sure I ate green beans out the can with some toast and Nutella one night for dinner. How single parents deal with taking care of a sick kid when they are sick themselves is beyond me.

Props to y'all rock stars.

 So the hubby has been taking care of the kiddo and I kid you not he's like a deer caught in the headlights on some things. He's a great father to Ethan and I couldn't of asked for a better husband. But it's sink or swim time in the Koenig house. I'll admit Ethan is spoiled...heck he's only 5 months old who's child isn't at that age? He likes to be held all the time. Tummy time is the end of the world. His bottle better be ready before he realizes he's hungry and his favorite toy the owl better not talk trash or he's getting the gummies. Also, we've starting sleep training...pray for us…

Later January!

Our family has had a crazy week and month. I started a new job with a start up company that looks to be very promising. However, like with every new job you go through the roller-coaster of meeting new coworkers, learning new systems and protocols and praying you don't make a mistake on your first day. Thankfully, I have previous experience with this line of work so there hasn't been too much of a learning curve. I just pray this new adventure is promising since I've never worked for a company just starting up.

Little man seems to be doing okay with mama and daddy working full time and he stays with his aunt Bambam. I have full trust in her since she has two healthy kiddo's of her own...she's a pro in my eyes. For the past month we've started introducing him to new stage one baby foods. Ethan really enjoys sweet potato, but the green beans are the spawn of the Satan. We still have a few more vegetables to go through before we can actually start on the fruits. …


Hello! Welcome to my little piece of the internet pie...preferably peach pie. My name is Jamie and I'm from southern Georgia. I moved to Florida my Freshman year of high school, talk about a huge environment change. I met my husband in our high school marching band, but we didn't start dating until after we graduated. We got married in October 2012 and had our first child Ethan (AKA Turkeybutt) in August of 2017. I can go ahead and tell you these two are my world. However, I would use my husband as a human shield to protect our child. (Yes he's completely aware of this)

Since having a child I've come to the realization that you can never be fully prepared for it. I'm pretty much just winging parent hood day by day. I hope is to raise a respectable young man who loves animals, goes to college and treats his future wife right.  I'm obsessed with cooking, baking, photography, animals, binge watching shows. I'll be sharing our daily lives with all the struggles…